February 10, 2021

US Thrillrides and Rides-4-U presents the opportunity to theme your own Unicoaster!

USTR and Rides-4-U brings an exciting opportunity to the Theme Park industry as family entertainment centers prepare to reopen in the hopeful new year of 2021.


ORLANDO, FLORIDA – As the new year begins, the thrill ride industry prepares to reopen as the COVID-19 vaccines begin to distribute across the world. USTR and Rides-4-U are providing the opportunity for family entertainment centers, parks, and venues to bring back the business by theming their own Unicoaster.


The Unicoaster is a patented ride that has already enjoyed great success in places like the American Dream (Jimmy Neutron’s Atom Smasher) and the Mall of America (Brain Surge). This provides the perfect opportunity to provide something fresh and new that attracts a younger demographic while generating as much as $900 per square foot in projected revenue at only 35% utilization! The opportunity to theme your own Unicoaster adds to an already incredible value. Here are examples of different concepts already created …

Roulette Variety Horizontal.png

USTR takes theme ideas and brings them to life. Also by request USTR will email links to videos of the Unicoaster in action, and a sample and a sample financial spreadsheet you can modify to fit your unique situation.