Unicoaster is one of the most versatile thrill rides on the market delivering the thrills of a rollercoaster experience with minimal footprint and maximum safety.  Riders love the ability to control the action by using the control stick to flip themselves forward or backwards!  This makes every ride unique and allows them to control the excitement.

Unicoaster is the perfect size for nearly any venue and can be customized to fit almost any theme.  Introduced in 2020, Unicoaster Roulette: The Game You Can Ride takes the excitement one step further, allowing the riders the chance to win a prize with every ride!  This version is perfect for casinos, cruise ships, or even family fun centers looking to add a unique promotional theme to their lineup!  What will your theme be?

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Diameter (including platform) 52 ft.

Height (non-customized) 18 ft.

Number of Seats  16 - 24 (Configurable)

Capacity  240 Rides per Hour

Minimum Height  48 Inches

Ride Speed  10 RPMs

Ride Duration  120 seconds


Total  145 kva 

Motor  95 kva

Lights  50 kva

Line Voltage  3 phase - 480 volt

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*Lease Purchase Financing Available through lender partnerships.

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DID YOU KNOW... Unicoaster has already been successfully implemented in several locations around the world including The Mall of America and The American Dream in New Jersey!  Check it out:

The Unicoaster Roulette in Factory Testing