November 5, 2021

US Thrill Rides sells its first new Skyblazer™ attraction, to be installed this Spring in Austin, Texas

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Bill Kitchen, Orlando’s legendary ride and attraction inventor, announces the first sale of the new Skyblazer. Matt Hughey, the Senior Manager of Circuit of the Americas, commented: “The Skyblazer is so unique. It will be a tall, iconic and exciting addition to our new amusement park.”


18 passenger soon-to-be flyers load from the ground in a disc-shaped vehicle before ascending in an arc path to a 200 ft drop height. Then as they fall and swing, the disk naturally swivels, providing multiple dimensions of thrills! Gradually, the giant swing comes to a safe stop to unload the breathless flyers.


The Skyblazer towers will be strikingly beautiful and iconic. The structure shines in the sun and glows in the dark! Models will be available for 6 to 18 flyers.


Entire families will experience the high-flying excitement born from one of the most rip-roaring new attractions ever, in Texas’ thrilling new amusement park.