The Skycoaster was one of our founder, Bill Kitchen's first mega-hit inventions.  After 20+ years of success you can find over 200 still in operation around the world with an impeccable safety record.  Now, US ThrillRides is introducing version 2.0: the SkyBlazer, which takes everything great about original and amps it up several levels while simplifying and streamlining operation. A win with customers and a win for venue owners means the Skyblazer is set to break every record set by its predecessor!     

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SkyBlazer amplifies the thrills by seating 6-24 riders side-by-side on a circular platform before raising them off the ground and then building the tension by reeling them hundreds of feet in the air.  After a few moments of anticipation, the ripcord releases and sends patrons into a momentary free fall before the swing motion catches them and sends them soaring over the enthralled onlookers.  A patented pendulum damper then gently and effectively reduces the swing arc, bringing the breathless riders to a stop before lowering them to earth - no doubt raving about the rush and ready to go another round!     

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Core Stats:


Height  200 - 350 Feet

Riders  6 - 24 (Configurable)

Ride Duration: 4 minutes

Capacity  81 - 324+ People per hour

Three-tower design wrapped in ETFE for

a striking and cost-effective design                   (*Estimated at 65% utilization rate based on a 12 hour day)

US and Foreign Patents Granted                          

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