USTR products are backed by extensive expertise in developing and manufacturing amusement attractions. This helps to maximize safety and excitement of our rides, while minimizing our clients’ park costs. We design to meet the most demanding conditions, such as high winds, heavy loads, and high tolerances for local seismic events. Our manufacturing review standards, precision designs, and rigorous safety processes have been developed and refined over our 20-year history. And with our 300+ rides installed, you can be assured of the highest quality in the industry.


US Thrill Rides has delivered 300+ rides around the world - all pay-to-participate attractions. Installed in Universal, Six Flags, Paramount, Mall of America and other tourism destinations around the globe, we’ve sold over 200 million tickets and generated over $2.5 billion in revenue for our customers over the last 24 years. Building attractions that not only bring in visitors, but that are also highly profitable is our company’s specialty.


US Thrill Rides first product was the SkyCoaster™, which rapidly became a safe alternative to the then-­booming bungee business. Three years later, SkyCoaster was the world's best-­selling ride, deployed in over 120 parks and venues; finding their way into Six Flags, Paramount, Cedar Fair, MGM Grand, and at independent operations world-­wide. Today, SkyCoaster™ has had an impeccable safety record, and has exhilarated tens of millions of park patrons around the world.

US Thrill Rides next blockbuster was SkyVenture™ (SkyVenture has since been renamed i-Fly), the indoor skydiving attraction. This virtual free-­fall indoor skydiving simulator has been a hit worldwide. The attraction is highly profitable and usually sold out twenty-­‐four hours a day. Some ninety i-Fly’s have been installed with amusement ride operators and tourist destinations around the globe.

Next, came the UniCoaster™, the incredible circular roller coaster that gives all the thrill of a looping roller coaster at 1/5 the price. It is featured at the Mall of America as Nickelodeon's "Brain Surge" and Belmont Park, San Diego. 


In 2012, US Thrill Rides announced SkySpire™, it is an architecturally stunning observation tower that thrills patrons as they ascend to the top in gondolas following the path of a spiral helix. Every passenger enjoys breathtaking 360° views.


Also announced in 2012, US Thrill Rides blockbuster ride called Polercoaster™. Polercoaster re-orients the entire concept of a roller coaster by going vertical. It provides the same length of track with loops, dips, twists and all the other thrilling mayhem that constitute a great coaster experience, but in a very small footprint.


Construction beginning soon with the massive Orlando Skyplex project with additional developments in Las Vegas and Atlantic City currently under contract.

When the 2020 pandemic brought the theme park industry to a standstill, founder Bill Kitchen recognized the need to get creative.  Drawing on the success of the Unicoaster, USTR began marketing a highly customized Unicoaster Roulette: The Game You Can Ride which served as both a ride and gaming machine, allowing for an innovative centerpiece in venues such as casinos, boardwalks, and cruise ships.

With the emergence of vaccines in 2021 and lockdowns coming to an end, USTR introduced their newest blockbuster: The SkyBlazer.  This rebirth of a legend took everything that was great about the original Skycoaster and made it better, with the entire family able to now ride together in seats without flight harnesses. With this new hit and many more on the horizon, US Thrill Rides is leading the way into the post-COVID thrill ride surge.     



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USTR Founder Bill Kitchen with Micheal Kitchen with a new prototype Unicoaster at the IAPPA Expo in 2019