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US & Foreign Patents Granted

Looping coaster thrills – minus the size and cost

A unique and thrilling ride experience with a reduced footprint designed to fit almost any location. UniCoaster's™ patented ride design and technology allows passengers to have personalized rider controlled spin.

Unicoaster delivers the thrills of a rollercoaster experience with minimal footprint and maximum safety. In addition to proper rider separation, it is easy to disinfect between rounds, and features shields behind each seat to help protect patrons from airborne hazards. The new Unicoaster Roulette version also adds the appeal of being a potential winner every ride, encouraging repeat riders and allowing venues to customize the prize to fit their promotional needs.

  • Number of Seats 16
  • Capacity 196 PPH
  • Minimum Height 48 in
  • Ride Speed 10 RPM
  • Ride Duration 120 s
    Power Requirements
  • Total 145 kva
  • Motor 95 kva
  • Lights 50 kva
  • Line Voltage 3 phase - 480V

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