Polercoaster™ re-orients the entire concept of a roller coaster by going vertical. The same length of track with loops, dips, twists and all the other thrilling mayhem that constitute a great coaster experience, but in a very small footprint. That is the sheer genius of the Polercoaster™.

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Turning the Roller Coaster on its End

Delivering high thrills in a small diameter footprint is a recipe for economic success. The vertical nature creates an amazing visual experience with potential for exceptional lighting options and signage that can provide ancillary revenue streams.

Operation is simple. Trains are boarded by guests. They are then driven to the top loading them with enormous potential energy. Gravity then takes over... aided by designers skilled in wringing every ounce of adrenaline out of that stored energy. Thoroughly exhilarated guests disembark at the bottom. The result is a guest experience sure to drive repeat visitation and word of mouth promotion.

Additionally, Polercoaster™ is an observation tower serviced by two glass elevators. This allows operators to use the two levels on top as an observation deck and retail/restaurant space, providing additional revenue. All this adds up to an irresistible opportunity for operators seeking to maximize value for their location assets.


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